Product Reviews

A friend of mine suggested I try this cleanser because she really liked it. I was very reluctant to do so because I have very sensitive skin. I have tried SO MANY different products with no success. Either my skin would have a bad reaction, or the product would leave my skin dull and lifeless. Well, after only a week of using this product, I have to honestly say that I am thrilled. The cleanser leaves my face really clean and I have had no reaction to it at all. My skin feels tighter and almost energized if that makes sense. Am very excited to have found something that is made with high quality ingredients, that is good for my skin and visibly makes a difference when I look in the mirror. Highly recommend this product!!

This cleanser leaves your face super clean and alive. I highly recommend it for thorough cleansing through your pores and ready for the toner of the same brand. I had a friend try it and she loved it.

The cleanser is wonderful, knowing that it is organic and developed by a doctor played into my decision to buy it. I will purchase more as I love the results. I would really like this to be available in wipes. will buy it this way but just sayin..

This product are wonderfully effective. I wanted to find a product that was developed by a dermatologist and not put together by a marketing company. As I started to age and my face began drying out and wrinkling (and with a few acne spots), I'd tried a few high end facial creams, toners and serums. Some of these were very pricey and semi-worked. The cleanser by Pristina was very fresh and clean and their toner gave me results quickly. I recommend that anyone try these.

This facial cleanser is what I've been looking for for quite a while now. It's organic, smells like actual herbs - not chemicals, and has cleared up my skin so much. I have sensitive combination skin and I spend a ton of money on high end face products, until I did some research and looked at actual ingredients of things because I didn't really see a difference in my skin when using expensive name brands. After completing my research I actually came across this cleanser (and the Pristina facial toner as well) and not only are the ingredients amazing, it actually works too. My skin feels smooth and soft and thoroughly cleansed. It removes all my make up too. I'm a huge fan and would recommend this to anyone - wether sensitive skin, oily or dry. It really did perfect my complexion without stripping away my skins natural moisture. I'm going to buy this over and over again - haven't had a better face cleanser!!!!

Great toner. Use a little bit and it goes a long way. My face felt clean and protected all day. I highly recommend it to young and older skin. My 30 year young neighbor also loved it.

This toner is the perfect complement to the cleanser. It further prepares your skin and helps it even out in tone and color. Using both products have made a huge difference in my skin in a very short period of time.

This toner, as well as the cleanser made by Pristina is very effective on my skin. I wanted to find good quality skin products that were developed by a dermatologist and not put together by a marketing company.I felt they were more trustworthy this way. I've tried a few other high end facial creams, toners and serums etc but they hadn't helped with my acne spots or wrinkles. The facial toner by Pristina was very fresh and clean gave me results quickly. I recommend that anyone try these.

This stuff is incredible. I have combination skin and i have a hard time finding something that hydrates, makes my skin look young and fresh, as well as helps with breakouts and oily areas. I also have very sensitive skin, and this product is great because it's organic and made by a dermatologist who clearly understands delicate skin. As soon I used the product, I actually stopped using my expensive face cream. I simply don't need it anymore. I feel my skin is getting the right amount of hydration from this gel. And my skin feels so smooth. After using this product for only a week, my skin actually stopped breaking out and my pores look more refined. It goes a really long way too and you only need very little. I use it day and night with the Pristina face cleanser and they work great together. I don't feel like my skin is being stripped of oils and I feel like my skin really notices the difference between artificial chemical products and this organic product. Also - I love the smell. It's amazing. It smells like a bunch of herbs that will naturally nourish and cleans your skin. However, I know people are very particular about smells, and for those of you who don't like it, it does go away after a few minutes. I will buy this over and over again - my skin actually hasn't looked better!!!!!

I love this cleanser for weeks and it has helped my dandruff and my facial rash!

I got the cleanser for my face but found it’s great to use on my whole body and I love the clean smell.

This gel is the first stay on product that helps with my acne and doesn’t leave a funny film that interferes with my make-up. I love it!

I can’t live without my cleanser and gel for my acne. It makes my skin so clear and smooth while treating my acne and clogged skin. My mom uses it too to keep her skin fresh and healthy.

Love the fresh scent of the cleanser and how it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry!

I have been using the combination of the cleanser and gel and they have helped to clear up my acne in 2 weeks!