Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the benefit of Thyme for the skin?
Thyme is antibacterial so it helps with acne, breakouts, seborrhea, eczema and more skin problems. Recently thyme has been found to be more beneficial in the treatment of acne than benzoyl peroxide which has been the standard treatment for decades.
2Can I use Pristina Organics on my skin if it is sensitive?
Yes. Many of the ingredients in Pristina Organics such as Tea Tree, Lavender and Chamomile have calming effects on the skin. One of our owners has extremely dry and sensitive skin but breakouts in her adulthood and these products not only heal the breakouts gently but she gets no reaction to the products.
3Do the Pristina Organics products contain parabens?
No. The ingredients in Pristina Organics are natural and organic.
4Will Pristina Organics products help with aging?
Lavender – for example has anti-oxidants and helps protect the skin from free radicals. It can also help reduce the appearance of age spots.
5Are the Pristina Organics products OK for children?
Yes. The products are natural and organic so can be used for children. The cleanser and toner are totally safe and gentle for children's skin.  Some kids may start to get acne as young as 10 years old, so, this would be a good skin care routine for them without getting into prescription meds.  Also, some infants have 'cradle cap', and the cleanser could be added to bath water and a little of the gel toner used afterwards. However, please note that these products are NOT to taken internally, so children should not use the product unsupervised.