What are you using on your skin?

Hope for Natural Skincare
August 15, 2017

What are you using on your skin?

I never really had much attention on what I used on my hair and skin – especially growing up.  I won’t say my age but suffice to say that when I was growing up, vitamins, natural and organic were not even words in our vocabulary.  So I really didn’t pay much attention to the beauty products I used.  I had long hair when I was young and I used a super harsh detergent shampoo and no conditioner.  My hair, needless to say, was a frizz ball and resulted in a super ugly pixie haircut.

But enough about me.

My point is that I just didn’t pay attention.  When I began seeing my dermatologist, she recommended these wonderful skincare products that she had tested and developed and voila – my skin blossomed.  I can’t tell you I’m wrinkle free because I have passed 60, I will tell you that much.  One of the things that I was seeing with my skin was adult acne and this really irritated me.  What’s with adult acne?  Anyhow, these products helped with that and she (my dermatologist) told me that she recommends the products for use with her patients with acne.

So there you have it.  These products are natural and organic AND they are great for your skin.  Enjoy!

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