Unique Organic & Natural Skincare Products

Infused with a unique and powerful combination of natural and herbal ingredients and formulated by a licensed dermatologist after six years of testing. Pristina products help keep your skin clean and hydrated and reduce the appearance of wrinkles . Aids in the reduction of oily and acne prone skin while cleansing and nourishing.

Product Reviews

"This toner, as well as the cleanser made by Pristina is very effective on my skin. I wanted to find good quality skin products that were developed by a dermatologist and not put together by a marketing company.I felt they were more trustworthy this way. I've tried a few other high end facial creams, toners and serums etc but they hadn't helped with my acne spots or wrinkles. The facial toner by Pristina was very fresh and clean gave me results quickly. I recommend that anyone try these."